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Flame of the Forest- Memoirs of Church Teachers' College


THE FLAME OF THE FOREST is an engaging memoir of Church Teachers College in its early years, as vividly recalled by a man of multiple talents writer, painter, philosopher, educator. Intertwined with autobiography, it is also a celebration of many friendships and a remarkable range of personalities. Mervyn Morris Emeritus Professor, University of the West Indies I CONSIDER it a pleasure as Principal and past student of Church Teachers College, Mandeville to be able to express my appreciation for Dr Earl McKenzie s memoirs (The Flame of the Forest). It is quite fitting that this publication should come at a time when the college will be celebrating its jubilee year. It will allow for quiet reflection on the genesis of the institution and the strides it has made over the years, the relationships built and the interaction of staff and students and the community. Dr McKenzie is well qualified to publish this work, and I know it will serve to educate and motivate those of us who now occupy the hallowed halls of this prestigious institution.

- Garth Anderson Principal, Church Teachers College

Paperback: 177 pages

Publisher: Arawak publications; 1st edition (May 28, 2015)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 9769558044

ISBN-13: 978-9769558045

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